Fees and Charges

Fees: Fees are payable on the same day of consultations. If you are unable to pay at the time of consultation, a higher fee will be charged. Please note that investigations and procedures performed during a consultation may incur extra charges.

Complex / Multiple health issues will require a longer appointment. Please call reception to arrange an appointment.

Bulk billing is available for holders of CURRENT concession cards and for children under 16 years of age. Please have your Pension, Health Care Card & Medicare Card with you at each consultation.

Procedures such as skin lesion removal, Implanon insertion/ removal, Cryotherapy, Spirometry & Dressings will attract a facility fee. Dressings will be charged every time a dressing is used, to be determined on the day by the nurse.

Methods of payment : Cash, Visa, MasterCard & EFTPOS are available. American Express not accepted. Receipts are forwarded to Medicare electronically on your behalf. EFTPOS facilities enable direct-credit of Medicare rebates at time of consultation.Provided patient has registered bank account with Medicare.

Fees from 1st November 2019
Standard Consultation: (10 - 15 min appointment)
$75.60 (Medicare Rebate $38.20)

Extended Consultation : $121.25 (Medicare Rebate $73.95)

Common Procedure & Booking Facility Fee for (no Medicare rebate)
Skin Excision – Standard $160, Concession - $90
Punch Biopsy - $60
Implanon - Insertion $50
Mirena removal - only $20
Mirena Insertion - $220.20
Dressings - $5 - $20 (Depending on Dressings used)
Spirometry - $30
Cryotherapy - $20
Iron infusion - $120
Drivers licence fitness assessment - $110 (heavy vehicles) $99 (taxi and others)

Non-Medicare card holders
If you do not have Medicare card, payment must be made in full on the same day. Receipts will then be issued for claiming with Private Health Insurance, when applicable.