Practice Policies

01. Pathology Results

You will be required to book an appointment with your doctor for follow up of your tests or results. Due to confidentiality, no results will be given over the phone.

02. Drivers Licence Fitness Assessment

Fitness to drive is assessed in a 15 minute appointment with nurse and a standard consultation with your regular doctor. Please fill your form beforehand and hand it in to our receptionist when you check in. Ensure you have your licence photo copied by the receptionist, after completion of your appointment with the doctor.

We cannot perform the assessment on new patients since we are unable to prove your fitness without obtaining enough information including medical history.

03. WorkCover/ Motor Vehicle Accident

Until a valid acceptance of claim letter is produced all WorkCover and Motor Vehicle Accident consults are to be paid on the day of consult. Once claim detailing claim Number, Date of Injury, Case manager and insurer. Otherwise payment is expected on the same day of consultation.

04. Medical Certificates

Doctors can provide medical certificates as indicated by your medical condition. Legally, the doctors cannot write back-dated certificates to cover times that they have not seen you. Certificates will only be provided for the date of service.

05. Medical/ Legal/ Insurance Reports, Centrelink forms

Our doctors can provide reports with a patients’ written consent, regarding their medical conditions, to the authorised entity in accordance with Australian Privacy Principals and the practice privacy policy. (Link to Policy) No information will be supplied without a direct request and written signed authorisation or implied consent when applicable from the patient. Some report will require payment if full on day. Please advise us when you book an appointment.